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Bringing the Chinese Economy to Life: Growth without Industrial Policy

June 09, 2022
Barry Naughton


Click here to read Chapter 2 of Barry Naughton’s The Rise of China’s Industrial Policy: 1978 To 2020.

This essay by IGCC affiliate Barry Naughton tracks the development of China’s approach to industrial policy and planning, and specifically planning in the period from 1978 through the early 2000s, showing the extremely inconsistent nature of that planning, the reasons for its diminishing importance overall, and some of the lessons Chinese policymakers may have gleaned from it.

This essay appears as a chapter in The Rise of China’s Industrial Policy: 1978 To 2020 (2021, UNAM).

Barry Naughton co-leads IGCC research on China’s Science, Technology, Innovation, and Industrial Policies, and is So Kwanlok Professor at the School of Global Policy and Strategy at UC San Diego.

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