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China’s Innovation-Driven Development Strategy: 2015-Present

June 09, 2022
Barry Naughton


Click here to read Chapter 4 of Barry Naughton’s The Rise of China’s Industrial Policy: 1978 To 2020.

This essay by IGCC affiliate Barry Naughton describes the way current Chinese industrial policy has changed in response to the perception of accelerating technological change. Sector-specific industrial policies have now been grouped together under the rubric of the Innovation-Driven Development Strategy (IDDS).

This essay appears as a chapter in The Rise of China’s Industrial Policy: 1978 To 2020 (2021, UNAM).

Barry Naughton co-leads IGCC research on China’s Science, Technology, Innovation, and Industrial Policies, and is So Kwanlok Professor at the School of Global Policy and Strategy at UC San Diego.

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