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University of California Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation

Maritime Futures

Seas connect the world. They are the backdrop to heightened global economic and political competition, and their governance is increasingly complex and fraught. From diverging claims in the South China Sea, the future of the Arctic, and safety in the Strait of Hormuz, to threats of terrorism and piracy, and protecting the global sea lanes that the global economy depends on, the security of the maritime domain has vast implications. The maritime environment poses unique challenges as commercial and military activities in regional waters increase. Ensuring the long-term security of the maritime domain requires global cooperation.

This initiative brings together experts from policy, economics, industry, security, law, innovation, and sustainability to analyze changes occurring in the maritime environment and their potential impacts. Core activities include producing research-based policy recommendations on the opportunities and risks of maritime changes; developing a maritime curriculum to support the Master of Advanced Studies – International Affairs program at UC San Diego; a condensed executive course to prepare senior professionals entering maritime-related positions in policy, security, business, law, or administration; and convening of practitioners and scholars to find solutions to important maritime challenges.