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Brandon Kinne

Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of California, Davis

Brandon Kinne is an associate professor of political science at the University of California, Davis. His research addresses issues of political violence, international cooperation, and global security. Kinne’s recent work examines how great powers use networks of transnational and nonstate actors to advance their interests, and how the complexity of this new security environment challenges traditional views of deterrence. Much of his research utilizes approaches from network science and computational social science, such as multilevel network analysis, computational modeling, machine learning, and data visualization. Kinne has received over $4.5 million in grant funding for his work. Most recently he was awarded $1.35 million by the Department of Defense’s Minerva Research Initiative for the study of multilevel network approaches to deterrence. His published work has appeared in Foreign Affairs, International Organization, American Political Science Review, Journal of Politics, British Journal of Political Science, and numerous other academic journals. He received his MA, MPhil, and PhD in political science from Yale University.

Brandon Kinne

Expertise & Interests

  • Geoeconomics and great power competition
  • Defense and National Security