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Public Policy and Nuclear Threats

The summer workshop-in-residence at IGCC, known as the Public Policy and Nuclear Threats (PPNT) Boot Camp, gives participants the knowledge and analytic tools they need to contribute to the debate on future U.S. nuclear policy. The boot camp features lectures, discussions, and debates, by distinguished researchers, academics, policy officials, and operational specialists from leading universities, the National Laboratories, international organizations, and government agencies. Topics range from current nuclear threats, to international safeguards and nonproliferation strategies. The course is part of IGCC’s long-standing research theme on nuclear policy issues. Support for this program is provided by the Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration and The Stanton Foundation.

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2022's Boot Camp—the first in-person session since the start of the pandemic—featured lectures and lively debates, plus distinguished guest lecturers, including Scott Sagan (Stanford University), Rolf Mowatt-Larssen (Belfer Center), Corey Hinderstein (National Nuclear Security Administration), Mareena Robinson Snowden (U.S. State Department), Will Tobey (Los Alamos National Lab), among others, and a range of impressive graduate students and professional participants.

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PPNT 2022 Class


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