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Chinese Defense and Strategic Innovation Policy Training Program

The Executive Training Course on Chinese Defense and Strategic Innovation Policy examines the relationship between national security, defense modernization, technological innovation, and China’s rise as a world power. This three-day program will take place on June 11–13, 2024 in Washington, D.C.

Of central interest is how China is mobilizing and applying its economic, political, strategic, corporate, financial, intellectual, and scientific capabilities in conjunction with leveraging external resources to achieve its grand ambition of catching up technologically with the world’s advanced military powers within the next 1–2 decades.

The course incorporates the most recent developments taking place in China’s defense, dual-use, and strategic science, technology, and innovation domains, including:

  • Xi Jinping’s ‘Military Strengthening’ strategic thinking and its role in guiding the development and implementation of military strategy and weapons development.
  • Military-civil fusion and the emergence of National Strategic Integration
  • The development and reform of the Chinese defense industrial base.
  • Examining key strategies and plans for defense science, technology, and innovation such as five year plans, 995 program, and long-term development strategies.
  • Mobilizing the Chinese system to support the development of high priority programs.
  • Economic and financial dimensions of this ambitious techno-security transformation, including the use of market-based funding sources.
  • The nature and impact of the anti-corruption crackdown on the PLA and defense industrial establishment.
  • The evolution of the Sino-Russian defense relationship.

If interested, click here to download the program application which includes info on deadlines, materials, and course fees. For questions, or to submit your application, email