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Kevin Gatter

Dissertation Fellow
UC Los Angeles

Kevin Gatter is a Ph.D. candidate in UC Los Angeles’ Department of Political Science. Kevin’s research examines the emergence of secessionist movements and why individuals choose to support these movements in regions where secession is a salient issue. His dissertation examines secession at both the macro level of groups and regions and the micro level of the individuals who comprise these units. At the level of groups and regions, Kevin introduces improved methods for understanding variation in the emergence of secessionist movements across Eurasia in the post-Cold War context. At the level of individuals living in secessionist regions, he uses experimental and survey data to understand what motivates individuals to support secessionist movements. As part of his research, Kevin has conducted fieldwork in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Québec, Puerto Rico, Scotland, and Wales.

Proposal Title: States Fall Apart – A Multilevel Analysis of Secession

Expertise & Interests

  • Ethnic separatism
  • Comparative politics