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Ngoc-Thoa Vinh Khuu

Dissertation Fellow
UC Irvine

Ngoc-Thoa’s research is interdisciplinary, spanning the areas of immigrant integration, social networks, demography, education, and social psychology. Her dissertation, in specific, digs deep into how and how much the integration experiences of migrants vary across different kinds of migration statuses (legal, refugee, unauthorized, and others), focusing on the ways migrants and their family’s characteristics, the characteristics of their countries of departure, the features and traumas of their journeys, and the immigration policies of their countries of destination influence the nature and degree of their integration into their new homelands. The overarching thrust of her work strives to illuminate policy-relevant factors that may improve the lives of migrants and ethnoracial minorities in the United States.

Proposal Title:  Governmental Support, Pre-settlement Traumas, and Race Structure: Offsetting Dynamics in Refugee Integration?