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The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on National Security

March 17, 2021
San Diego, CA
IGCC Offices

The most pressing security threats of the modern era—from large-scale cyber disruptions, and pandemic disease, to catastrophic natural disasters, and technology-empowered terrorism—are now so complex and interconnected, they transcend traditional distinctions between disciplines and bureaucratic authorities.

The National Security Innovation Forum brings together specialists from government, academia, industry, investment, and the start-up innovation community to address key national security issues and identify practical solutions. The Forum examines the full spectrum of national security challenges, from peer military competition to the effects of climate change; and proposes solutions that range from technical and operational innovation, to acquisition reform, policy improvement, and research-based understanding of the theoretical constructs of competition and conflict in the modern world.

The National Security Innovation Forum is a collaboration between the University of California’s Institute for Global Conflict and Cooperation (IGCC), the Silicon Valley Defense Group, the National Security Innovation Catalyst, and partners from the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada.