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The Global Pursuit of Defense Innovation: IGCC Series in the Journal of Strategic Studies

February 02, 2022
Tai Ming Cheung and Stephan Haggard


Gaining a decisive technological edge is a never-ending pursuit for defense establishments and the states they protect. Intensifying geo-strategic and geo-economic rivalry among major powers, especially the U.S. and China, and the global technology revolution occurring in the civilian and military domains, promise to reshape the nature and distribution of global power.

In this series, published by the Journal of Strategic Studies, IGCC affiliated researchers examine defense innovation in small countries with advanced defense innovation capabilities (Israel, Singapore), closed authoritarian powers (North Korea, Russia), large catch-up states (China and India) and advanced large powers (U.S.).

A Conceptual Framework of Defense Innovation | Tai Ming Cheung

Military-technological innovation in small states: The cases of Israel and Singapore | Richard A. Bitzinger

North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs: Foreign absorption and domestic innovation | Stephan Haggard and Tai Ming Cheung

Defense innovation in Russia in the 2010s | Kashin, Vasily

China’s quest for quantum advantage—Strategic and defense innovation at a new frontier | Elsa Kania

Examining India’s defense innovation performance | Laxman Behera

The defense innovation machine: Why the U.S. will remain on the cutting edge | Eugene Gholz and Harvey M. Sapolsky

This series was produced with support from IGCC. To access the special edition, visit the Journal of Strategic Studies.

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