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China and the U.S. Compete for Global Techno-Security Dominance

July 15, 2022
Tai Ming Cheung

Policy Brief

In this policy brief, IGCC director Tai Ming Cheung discusses U.S.-China great power competition and rivalry.


In the struggle for global geostrategic and geoeconomic supremacy between the United States and China, the technosecurity sphere where economics, technological innovation, and national security meet has become a principal battleground. Two contrasting models are pitted against each other: China’s state-led top-down approach and the United States’ market-driven bottom-up system. Which of them will ultimately prevail will depend on how capable, robust, and adept they are in meeting the challenge of rapid and disruptive change? This brief examines the underpinnings of U.S.-China great power technosecurity competition and assesses what the countries’ different approaches imply for future techno-security rivalry.

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